A Police Officer’s Report

About the Author

As a police officer in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, Ken Rogers was desperate ‘and wide open to emotional pain. On the outside, he looked all right, but he wasn’t. He was emotionally ill. His Post TraumaticStress Disorder symptoms were classic.

In writing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Police Officers Report, Ken exposes his inner most pain and feelings about his position as a police officerand use of fatal/non-fatal force. His need to maintain a professional,calm appearance on the outside, while on the inside his big concern was “not knowing if he could shoot anyone again,” led him to a critical decision about the job he had dedicated his life to.

Ken dedicates this book to all law enforcement personnel who put their very lives on the line each time they report to their post. The question, “Will I come home at the end of the day?” is one all officers ask themselves many times. Often, police officers suffer their inner most fears in silence. As a police officer, Ken wore the uniform

and swore to uphold the law. The increased use of alcohol, the nightmares and the hesitation to advance in a violent situation, due to previous shootings, became too much. When Ken tried to get help from his administrators, they were not equipped to handle the situation. Ken relates the path he took to seek help through groups and psychologists. Ken’s decision to “quit the force for his sake as well as that of the citizens of Pleasant Ridge” led to more stress.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder chronicles Ken’s battle to overcome the pain ofleaving a job he loved. Ken Rogers was a police officer for 21 years.

In Ken’s words….

         A fellow police officer suggested that I attend a seminar on post shooting trauma given by Dr. Wayne Hill Ph.D. I did attend and afterward I spoke with Dr. Hill about involvement in the shooting, the depression and anxieties that I was experiencing.  Dr. Hill suggested we meet and discuss the issues further. With the help of Dr. Hill, I realized that I was experiencing the subsequent stages of depression and emotional illness from the use of fatal/non-fatal force.

        I knew I was experiencing depression and anxiety.  I also knew that others may also experience these same issues.  I wanted to heal and help others gain knowledge on the subject of P.T.S.D. My research and personal journey were catalst for me to write the book “POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER, A Police Officers Report”.

        You can learn more about my struggle with P.T.S.D. by ordering my book.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Police Officers Report by Officer L. Ken Rogers, Retired ISBN 1-882792-83-1 .$14.95  Paperback. 220 pages

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